AS3 – Parametric path drawing

Partial path drawing Last time I gently coded a script for “rounding” the corners of a path. I think the script is really fine, handles nicely closed paths, but, it’s “static”.

So here’s the new, innocent, question: what if you want to have an animated drawing of the path?

Innocent answer: the drawing method would need a “ratio” parameter, so you can draw only a part of the path.

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AS3 – Rounding corners

Interactive demoA few days ago, I was with a few students from Gobelins talking about their school projects. One group was working on some trip-assistant project where they would display itineraries on a city map.

Map itineraries most of the time are painted as straight lines with square corners and so one student suggested that it would look nicer with rounded corners: easy stuff, I said, just get each segment’s direction vector, multiply by the corner radius you want and lineTo/curveTo the path.

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