AS3 – Eaze tween library update

Let’s state it again: "tweening" is a commodity with plenty of alternatives, which means you’re not obliged to use a) crappy ones, b) bloated ones, and c) commercial ones.

Like many Flash developers I started developping Eaze because a) it’s fun, b) it’s (mildly) challenging, and c) I really had a few ideas to innovate in this field.

Since then I had the occasion to discuss (I should say brainstorm) with other Flash developers (hi Joshua and Steve) about our "tweening needs" (sounds dirty, isn’t it?) and our idea of the perfect library. This was very entertaining and they all gave me lots of crazy syntax ideas which turned out to be possible…

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AS3 – Designing a new tween library

I don’t want to sound grumpy, but I never liked how more and more coders don’t seem to be able to keep things simple. Looks like nowadays you must be an architecture astronaut to be considered seriously.

One of these basic Flash things which should be kept simple is tweening – everybody needs to animate things, but I believe it should be kept as a commodity and not become fatter than your own application code.

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